Donate a body to science and the cremation is free!

Full body donation is one of the most compassionate alternatives to a funeral. Body donation is not the same as organ donation. Although organ donation is perhaps a better known alternative to a funeral, anatomical donation is an equally important gift to the future of humankind - and the cost of cremation is free. By donating your body to science, you're not only saving your family money, but are helping give surgeons a learning opportunity which may lead to a more efficient technique or a new life-saving surgical procedure. Full body donation makes cutting edge developments in the fields of cancer treatment, thoracic research and neurology studies possible.

Anatomical donations allow research institutions to discover new ways to fight serious diseases and disorders such as cancer, Alzheimer's disease and multiple sclerosis. At LifeQuest, we also work closely with surgical teaching institutions. LifeQuest is affiliated with Innovations in Medical Education and Training (IMET), an organization of healthcare professionals committed to an ever-improving medical education standard. We carefully match anatomical gifts to the needs of accredited medical research institutions for the greatest benefit to research and education.

The process of making an anatomical gift is very similar to the preparations made for a funeral. Unlike a funeral, however, the donation process provides viable tissues and specimens for research and study. When LifeQuest receives notice of the passing of a potential donor, we discuss the possibility of donation with the family and physician. With family and medical consent, we recover the anatomical gifts most needed by research facilities and surgical teaching institutions. The human remains are then cremated and a portion may be returned to the family in 30-45 days.

If you or a loved one is considering cremation as an alternative to a traditional funeral, please consider making an anatomical gift. LifeQuest provides a free cremation to those who make a full body donation to science. Making an anatomical gift is a final act of caring and leaves a legacy of hope for the future. Contact LifeQuest to request a donation packet and learn more.