Service Areas for Body Donation & Free Cremation

LifeQuest Anatomical offers complete body donation. You will find this process to be one of the most compassionate alternatives to a burial ceremony. Body donation is not the same as organ donation. Whole body donation is an incredibly important gift to the future of humankind - and the pricetag of cremation is completely free. By donating your body to research, you're not only saving your family some money, but you are giving back to everybody and could be saving lives.

We offer our body donation services to the following areas in the US:

Allentown, PA 75 Mile Radius
Pittsburgh, PA 30 Mile Radius
Cleveland-Akron, OH 30 Miles Radius
Baltimore, MD 30 Miles Radius
Washington DC, 25 Mile Radius
Jacksonville, FL 25 Mile Radius
Atlanta, GA 30 Mile Radius
Boston, MA 25 Mile Radius
Charlotte, NC 30 Mile Radius
Raleigh, NC 30 Mile Radius
New York, NY 25 Mile Radius
Orlando, FL 25 Mile Radius
Miami, FL 25 Mile Radius
Tampa, FL 30 Mile Radius


If you have any questions as to our process or service area, please feel free to contact us for assistance at 866-799-2300 or click here. Thanks for visiting and we look forward to assisting you with your donation.