How to Donate a Body to Science

Although the procedures may resemble each other, body donation is a little different than organ donation. Upon death, needed organs are recovered from a registered organ donor and matched to a recipient. Body donation is made for the advancement of medical science. Although many states participate in an organ donor registration plan, the procedure for making a full body donation at death is sometimes difficult to find. Fortunately, the answer to how does one donate their body to science is not any more complicated than registering with a state organ donor registration plan. A simple phone call or a click to download the consent forms begins the process.

How do I donate my body to medical science? Persons interested in making a lasting gift to humankind should call a LifeQuest representative at 1-866-799-2300. A representative will be happy to answer questions and address concerns about the procedure for donating their body to science. If desired, LifeQuest will mail a free registration packet, which contains detailed information about making a body donation at death. There is no obligation associated with the call or the free donation packet. Should you decide to register as a whole body donor, you will be mailed a registration card and consent forms which need to be signed by you and two witnesses.

The LifeQuest procedure for donating a body to science begins with the confirmation of death. A family member or caregiver contacts LifeQuest and we discuss the acceptability of donation with the family and medical staff. Depending on the circumstances of death or the final directive the family chooses, body donation may or may not be possible. If the donation is possible, LifeQuest Anatomical will make arrangements to have the donor transported. After recovery, the body is cremated at no expense to the family. After cremation, LifeQuest contacts the family with information about the donation.

LifeQuest has long association with medical research facilities who are seeking the answers to diseases and afflictions such as diabetic neuropathy, Parkinson's disease, osteoporosis and cancer. We are the program of choice for the nation's surgical education facilities, where the next generation of surgeons learn advanced techniques that save lives and improve the quality of life. If you or a loved one has decided upon cremation, please consider making a body donation to medical science. This final act of caring is a gift of life to future generations.

Body Donation for Medical Research: A Compassionate Funeral Alternative

If you or a loved one is considering cremation, making a whole body donation for medical research is one of the most compassionate funeral alternatives available today. Making an anatomical donation will not interfere with your desire for a cremation. Rather, a donation can reduce the burden of funeral expenses while advancing the medical sciences, which benefits humankind.

The cost for donating your body to science is next to nothing. Unlike a traditional funeral, which can cost $10,000 or more, the cost for donating your body to science through LifeQuest is free. LifeQuest Anatomical provides the family with two free copies of the dealth certificate, processing of all paperwork, and the option of returning a portion of the cremated remains. A donor’s estate does not even have to pay for the cremation. LifeQuest provides cremation services free after recovery has been completed. Making a body donation for medical research is not only a compassionate act; the donation is an affordable act as well.

For someone who is alive, donating their body to science is much like pre-planning a traditional funeral. After meeting LifeQuest’s donation criteria, a potential donor is sent a registration card and copies of the consent forms. The potential donor and two witnesses must sign the donation card and consent forms in order to clearly indicate that a body donation for education and research is the donor’s final wish. Planning for the donation process is completely under their control. LifeQuest’s donor coordinator for the whole body donation program will be happy to provide those who are considering a body donation to science with the assistance needed to make an informed decision.

That's where LifeQuest Anatomical comes in.

The donor coordinator for the whole body program addresses common concerns that occur to someone considering donating their body to science. A representative is available by phone at 1-866-799-2300 to discuss options and provide more information about making a full body donation for medical research. If desired, a LifeQuest representative can mail a registration packet to those interested in exploring alternatives to a traditional funeral. This packet is absolutely free and carries no obligation whatsoever. LifeQuest encourages those who have decided upon a cremation to consider making a full body donation to science. This final act of caring is a gift of life to future generations. Call LifeQuest or click here to request a no obligation registration packet today.