FREE Cremation when you donate a body to science!

For those already considering cremation, LifeQuest Anatomical's whole body donation program is an excellent fit. The cost of cremation is covered when you donate your body to support medical education and research. While cremation is becoming more popular, it is also becoming more expensive. Currently, they are still considerably less in cost than a burial however. And with our whole body donor program the only expense you and your family will incur is the cost of paperwork. If you do some research you will find costs vary in range from direct cremation at $1800 to a full service upwards of around $7,755. Since the cost continues to rise, a free cremation service with whole body donation can be a smart alternative. We work with licensed crematories. A simple registration process, no cost service, and a portion of the cremated remains returned to the family are just a few of the things your LifeQuest Anatomical representative will manage for you and your family. Our process is easily the simplest around because we do all of the work for you and your family. At no cost.

With cremation prices so high, and the need for body donors to support medical sciences so critical, the lasting impact of whole body donation makes sense. So please look at all of your options. There is high cost cremation, low cost cremation and then there is free cremation. We are sure you will agree that while low cost is good, a free service is hard to beat. Cremation prices are always covered by LifeQuest Anatomical when donating your body to science.

Here's how LifeQuest Anatomical's free cremation service works:

  • Donor registers prior to passing or family contacts LifeQuest Anatomical when the donor is close to passing or has already passed.
  • A LifeQuest Anatomical representative arranges donation, local transportation and air transportation to our facility*. They also manage paperwork and care for the donor and their family all the way to the return of cremated remains to the family, usually within 30 days. The cost of cremation is covered by our program.

    * If our transportation cost exceeds $1500, we are unable to accept the donation. If this situation is anticipated, we will contact you with the option to pay the additional expense to proceed with the donation.
  • The donor arrives at our facility and is placed with a program for medical research and education based on their specific medical history. The anatomical gift is utilized by leading medical educators and researchers in medical schools and teaching hospitals around the country. LifeQuest Anatomical is responsible for the care of the body donor throughout the process and ensures that dignified, respectful care is the standard that is upheld throughout the entire process.
  • Our free cremation services are arranged and carried out after the donor has been matched up with several medical research and medical education projects at medical schools, teaching hospitals and research institutions.
  • Cremated remains are returned to the family in 30-45 days.

LifeQuest Anatomical's free cremation service is a streamlined process designed to assist families with the registration process and paperwork. LifeQuest Anatomical makes sure the cremation is carried out and cremated remains are returned to the family with no expense in 30-45 days, and with great dignity and respect for the donor and their family.

We invite you and your family to contact us about our free cremation service. We think you will find that our process is simple and that we are ready to serve you and your family at your time of need. And while there are many companies offering cremations, few if any are offering free cremation services with a process geared toward assuring the family's needs are met in a timely, sensitive and highly compassionate manner. We hope you will agree that not all free cremation services are created equal. We encourage your comments and inquiries in the pursuit of offering useful information on costs and service. If we can offer any assistance with our process, or assist you with any questions about cremation costs (although we have no charge) we will do all we can to help . If you have any questions about cremations or our free cremation service process and how it helps families and medical science, please feel free to contact us.